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7.1 - Inheritance (R)
7.2 - No public data members (R)
7.3 - Virtual keyword should be explicitly carried through derived classes. (R)
7.4 - Do not provide a non-virtual method in a derived class by the same name as an inherited method. (R)
7.5 - Inlines should be only one line of code. (GL)
7.6 - Do not put virtual methods as implicitly or explicitly "inline". (R)
7.7 - Do not inline methods which access another class' methods. (R)
7.8 - Access methods
7.9 - Do not use friends haphazardly (GL)
7.10 - All destructors should be virtual (GL)
7.11 - Canonical Class Form (GL)
7.12 - Constructors
7.13 - Use delete [] for arrays (R)
7.14 - Do not delete "this" (GL)
7.15 - Assignment Operator
7.16 - Use forward declarations for compile dependency minimization (GL)
7.17 - Encapsulate singleton classes within a static method (R)

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