C++ Tips: Templates

Table of Contents

Definitions and object files for templates
Template arguments and const
Templates and friends
New terminology for template declaration/definition
Casting of member function pointers
References are not "first class types"
Recursive templates
Syntax for copy constructors in templates
Do templates cause code bloat?
Function template argument types must match call exactly
Template functions may be overloaded
Using typedefs with templates
A template is not the same as a macro
Optional specification of template arguments
Template argument constraints
Passing Template Class w/ Constant Args
Template parsing requires type substitution
Example usage of template specialization
What good are templates, anyway?
Templates reuse source, not executables
Templates reuse source, not executables (another example)
Reducing executable code size with templates
The Standard Template Library
Simple questions about templates?
Are const rvalues nonsense (w/respect to templates)?
Inheritance or templates?
Template metaprograms, or abusing your compiler
Q116: What's the syntax/semantics for a "function template"?
member function templates
Partial template specialization
Non-type template arguments
templates and incomplete types
hashing, templates, and inheritance
templates as wrappers
what is hoisting
template specialization
STL and exception and pointer safety
why use templates over inheritance
templates: recovering a type from a pointer type
double const in templates
intro to member templates
getting around temporary function template limitation
non-type template parameters
nested friend template classes and functions
examples of non-type template parameters
restricting template arguments to only built-in types
restricting template arguments to only built-in types (part II)
partial template specialization
const and template parameters
compilation and linking with templates
the ".template" construct
constraining template regarding built-in types
STL type remapping trick
templated typedefs
partial specialization of templates
template separate compilation and specialization
template name as a type name
compile time assertions
templates 101
everything you wanted to know about export
"points of instantiation"
class template friend declaration syntax
an opinion on the utility of templates
non-template vs template versions of functions
Doubles and non-type template parameters
instantiating template functions too early
typename, typedef, and templates
What is explicit instantiation for?
possible explicit template requirements in code
errors and template instantiations
typedef vs typename in templates
type deduction in template arguments
local types disallowed as template arguments
copy constructors disallowed as member templates
function templates without as return value or parameter
ensuring identical typedefs in templates
restricting constant template arguments
templ specialized member functions
compile-time structure decision
template copy constructor?
template function partial specialization partial ordering
templates in an inheritance hierarchy
local types and template parameters

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