C++ Tips: Streams

Table of Contents

Converting integers to ascii using streams
More than you want to know about ostreams and freezing
Using input streams; reading lines
How to rewind a ostrstream after calling str()?
Infinite loop in istreams?
text conversions with ostrstream and stringstream
new iostream headers
extraction operator musings
outputting to 1 of N streams using streambuf
file I/O using streams
freezing and stringstreams
a brief history of iostreams
performance of ostrstreams
ambiguity question on iostreams "put"
iostreams, locales, and facets
overloading the >> operator for user-defined classes
using streams for both text/binary output
introduction to locales
stream underflow, overflow, and filtering
binary and text io in iostreams
the good(), the bad(), and the fail()
streams, setiosflags, and manipulators
binary I/O using and streams
custom text stream processing
lack of streams with assign
safely deleting a stream str() buffer
switching streams
stream shift operators for text
printf-style output with streams
pros/cons of stdio vs streams
a stream for custom string types
relationships between streams and fstreams
designing stream for file and console output
formatting numbers
fscanf equivalent with streams (I & II)
creating simple output manipulators
inserting '\0' into ostrstream
creating simple output manipulators
defining a non-ASCII based stream
stream output of "true" and "false" for bools
catching errors with ifstream
outputting to two streams
istream initialization

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