C++ Tips: STL

Table of Contents

can't use STL in commercial applications
stl initialization of multidim array
partial vs total ordering for STL sets
exception safety and STL
stl, stacks, and changing standards
designing STL in C++ and other languages
sample problem using STL iterators
set_difference in STL
STL to be exception safe
STL is exception safe
hashtables and the STL
STL example - an array with no duplicates
STL vector and contiguousness requirement
array initialization with and without STL
finding list elements using STL
sorting using STL
simple STL copy mistakes
Using the STL - Mastermind
converting STL list to built-in array
complaints using STL vector
using standard containers
common mistake in checking for entries in STL map
extending STL part II
remove and erase for std::vector
STL bitset versus vector
STL book recommendations
standard library member functions
how to sort a std::list of pointers
books on the standard library
copying a file's contents into a string
standard library exception appendix
word counting example using STL
initialising STL containers
STL performance of resize() and reserve()
musings on valarray for numerical work
Uses and Abuses of Vector
toupper for strings of arbitrary character types
std::vector base address

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