C++ Tips: NameSpaces

Table of Contents

Name space management proposal
Use structs to partition the global namespace
Details on namespaces
Hiding of virtual methods and the "using" keyword
Thoughts on name scoping
More thoughts on name scoping
anonymous namespaces
do namespaces need protected/private
adding components to a namespace
std namespaces and inclusion
"entering and leaving" namespaces
function lookup in namespaces
namespaces and cxxxx header files
reducing namespace pollution
namespaces and operator overloading resolution
namespaces, standards, and backwards compatibility
namespace organization suggestion
avoiding "using std"
koenig searches/lookups
Bjarne on namespaces
namespaces and koenig lookups
anonymous namespaces are open to extension
Migrating to Namespaces
nested classes versus namespaces
namespaces and overloading
forward declarations and namespaces

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