C++ Tips: Memory Management

Table of Contents

Writing a "new_handler"
Class-specific new handlers
class specific new and delete
Out-of-memory and operator new
using nothrow() in new expressions
operator new versus new xxx
invoking new with a size of 0
Reference counting versus garbage collection
A function to delete p and set to null?
shared memory pool and the new operator
how to zero non-static data
the placement delete operator
naming convention for memory ownership
constants and variables in new array expressions
delete through a const pointer
delete through a const pointer (part II)
deleting through a const pointer
why is there no renew or realloc in C++
new and sizes of zero
distinct memory kinds
results of new
guru#10 - memory management part II
using placement delete
using placement new and delete operators
fast pimple idiom
new(nothrow) or new(std::nothrow)
deleting through a const pointer
std::containter deletion problem with "const T"
default-initialization for built-in types

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