C++ Tips: IO

Table of Contents

Discarding characters using cin
Getting file descriptors from fstream
Mixing stdio and iostreams in a C++ program
Stream manipulators for oct and hex
Setting output width with iostreams
Unit-buffering cout
How to politely eat a newline (with pinkey extended, of course)
stdio and iostream have independent buffers
Using switches in IO routines
Customizing IO manipulators, Part I, Part II
Mixing streams and standard IO
Mixing item-oriented versus line-oriented reading
Some history and current state of IO streams
(not) redirecting cin and cout
what is clog
advantages of using streams over stdio
iostream miscellanea
string extraction
fail() and bad() for input streams
input minutia
notes on formatted streams io
sscanf equivalent using streams
output to multiple streams
using cin to read numbers
printf, pointers, and pointer-to-members
detecting EOF
no virtual inserters and extractors?
loop testing for IO
form() equivalents using stream manipulators
performance of streams vs printf
internationalized printf
forward declaring i/o constructs
FILE* and output streams
portably checking file lengths
slow standard c++ I/O

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