C++ Tips: Exceptions

Table of Contents

Throwing exceptions in destructors
Initialization and exceptions
Arguments for the use of exceptions
C++ puzzle: throw and exceptions
Throwing exceptions in destructors
Throwing exceptions in destructors (more details)
Exceptions in initializer lists
A good design decision for exceptions
exceptions and intializer lists
Catching exceptions in initializer lists
Catching exceptions by value
the cost of exceptions
catching exceptions by value or reference
Propogating errors with and without exceptions
unexpected and exceptions
exceptions and recovery information
why no exceptions from signal handlers
handling illegal referencing of array items
copied exceptions during throw
what is exception safety
more musings on exception safety
exception specifications and typedef
ramblings on the use of exceptions
runtime cost of exceptions
why not resumable exceptions
exceptions and interfaces
general consensus on using exceptions
why terminate() when exiting destructors via exceptions
it'd be nice to have exception resume facilities
cleanup on exceptions in constructors
static and dynamic cost of exceptions
bad_exception and unexpected
exception cleanup control structures
the philosophy of exceptions (according to Herb)
designing for exception-neutrality and exception-safety
bring in the cleaning lady
bjarne on exception efficiency
where do exceptions live
exception safety and the test for self-assignment
the costs of exception handling
some costs in using exceptions
code complexity problem
exceptions in destructors
safety and object lifetimes
exceptions in a stack design
the utility of exception specifications
exception safety in standard containers
exceptions in constructors
throwing pointers
the cost of a throw() clause
is it safe to throw?
exceptions and throw()
justification for exceptions
catch by reference or by value
a case against exception specifications
catch by reference or by value (followon)
exception specifics, ARM vs the standard
stack frames and exceptions
uncaught_exception() considered flawed
throw as the last line in a function
hidden cost of using exception specifications
strings and exception safe exceptions
exception safe assignment operator
exception safety in function calls
Exception-Safe Class Design
Exception-Safe Class Design (part II)
ACID Programming
elementary exception cleanup
exception safety and self-assignment

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