C++ Tips: Const

Table of Contents

Use of const with caches
Temporaries and const member functions
Use of const and extern in header and implementation files
Const objects in include files
Lvalues, rvalues, and const functions
Syntax for const
Global objects with const and static
Optimizing const declarations
What is the big fuss about const
Const and overloading of functions/methods
New mutable keyword
Typedefs and const
Const methods can modify a class's logical state
Non-const reference arguments and temporary generation
const and storage efficiency
const and mutability
less evil situations for casting
temporaries for non-const references
"const" potpourri
why disallow non-const references bound to rvalues
casting away const
position of const keyword
Guru of the Week #6: Const-Correctness
const and internal linkage
deletion and constness
wheres and whys of const_cast

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